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Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics,
Fluid Mechanics, Waves and Sound,
Optics, Magnetism, Electricity

How will you benefit?
  • Get a strong foundation through guided problem solving.
  • Get step-by-step instructions.
  • Know where to start and the path to the final solution.
  • Get immediate feedback so that you can fix your mistakes.
  • Finish your homework without frustration in a fraction of the time.
  • Improve test scores and grade.
  • Learn at your own pace at your own time.
  • Remain motivated with success and stay ahead of your class.
  • Don't be a novice, become and expert.
Self-Paced Learning
  • Fizix Power allows students to learn physics at their own pace.
  • Fizix Power empowers students to remedy deficiencies or move-ahead to advanced levels.
Problem-Based Learning
  • Interactive and structured environment for guided problem solving.
  • Help files for just-in-time learning intervention.
  • Fix your mistakes with immediate feedback.
  • Unlimited number of problems for practice.

Objectives of Fizix-Power
  • Comprehension: Comprehension of the laws of physics, conventions and definitions in physics, and algorithms and rules for solving physics problems.
  • Analysis: Ability to develop systematic strategies for analyzing physics problems with known and unknown quantities and to partition a problem into sub-problems.
  • Application: Ability to plan a solution process, to monitor the progress, to change course and debug, and to reflect and self-evaluate.
  • Success: Motivation, confidence, and success.
  • Impact: Become an expert.

Become Expert Problem Solvers with Concept Maps
  • identify input and output variables
  • examine various paths to the solution
  • evaluate the effectiveness of each path
  • data analysis to determine the interdependency among various physical quantities
  • synthesize the information from the data analysis and make conclusions
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