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Problem Solving Software for Engineering Dynamics:
Projectiles, Impulse-Momentum, Circular Motion, Central Force Motion, Collision,
Conservation of Energy, Fixed Axis Rotation, Rolling Wheel,
Relative Velocity and Acceleration, Linkages, Rigid Body Dynamics.

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Product Description

The application consists of fourteen components.

  • Projectile
  • Newton's 2nd Law: Impulse-Momentum Principle, distinction between inertial and non-inertial frames of reference.
  • Circular Motion: Conical pendulum, banked horizontal motion, and Ferris wheel.
  • Normal-Tangential Coordinate System
  • Coupled Motion: Coupled motion of two bodies on inclines with friction force at contacts.
  • Central Force Motion Circular and elliptic orbits.
  • Conservation of Momentum: Elastic and inelastic collisions.
  • Conservation of Energy: Kinetic and potential energy, frictional loss, spring energy, work, and power.
  • Fixed Axis Rotation
  • Rolling Wheel: On incline with friction.
  • Relative Velocity
  • Relative Acceleration
  • Three-Bar Linkages
  • Rigid Body Dynamics: General motion of rigid bodies in a plane.
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