Concept Map

Actus Potentia uses Applied Concept Mapping in its Educational Software

Actus Potentia's Concept Maps are SMART
Can be trained to solve problems with numeric answers.

How is Actus Potentia's Concept Map software different from other such software?
  • Concept Map is interactive.
  • Concept Map can solve numerical problems.
  • Concept Map shows solution paths.
  • Concept Map calculates numerical solutions.
  • Concept Map links non-overlapping information.
  • Concept Map eliminates overlapping information, thereby reducing cognitive load of problem solvers.
  • Concept Map checks existence of solution.
  • Concept Map tells you when it can determine more than what you have asked for.
  • Concept Map determines all possible ways of solving problems.
  • Concept Map determines contradictions in the input data.
  • Concept Map determines dependency of one variable on all other variables.
Why Concept Map?
  • People acquire information in a linear fashion from the chapters of a book. For efficient use of information, in problem solving, we need to arrange such information in a linked, non-linear network.
  • Novices store information in a haphazard fashion. Experts store information in an organized, richly connected network.
  • Visual display of connected information helps in long-term retention.
  • Concept Map is a visual display of connected information.
How to use Actus Potentia's Concept Mapping Software as a developer?
  • The Concept Map software can be trained in any discipline, such as, physics, chemistry, mechanics, economics, etc.
  • You define variables with names and symbols.
  • You determine which concepts will be included in your map. Concepts include laws, theorems, definitions and data tables.
  • Create one node for one concept. The node contains the mathematical equations for the concept and any other information as text or movie.
  • You can also include other applications or spreadsheets in a node.
  • Related conceptual nodes are connected by paths; creating a network. You can assign a cost to each path.
How to use Actus Potentia's Concept Mapping Software as a problem-solver?
  • When the user runs the Concept Map software, a list of variables in your Concept Map is displayed.
  • You select which variables are known and what you wish to determine.
  • When a solution to your problem exists, the Concept Map software displays all possible paths to your solution.
  • When you select one possible path, the Concept Map software takes you to the engine for numerical solution.
  • You can enter the numerical values of the known variables and the Concept Map software determines the unknown.
  • When the Concept Map software evaluates that you can determine more variables than you have asked for, it will determine such additional variables.
Actus Potentia builds Concept Maps for Education, Industry, and Business.
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