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Actus Potentia's Software Helps Students do their Homework.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Quickly solve homework problems.
  • Software gives step-by-step instructions.
  • Software checks your solution and gives immediate feedback.
  • Lots of help, tips, and tricks.
  • Essential ideas in pop-up windows without long lecture.
  • Get good grade with guided practice.
  • Don't buy solutions on the Web.
    • You don't really learn.
    • You will do poorly in exams.
    • You will not be ready for your career.

Five Benefits of Doing Homework:
  • You will discover what you know and what you don’t.
  • You can explore subjects more fully than classroom time permits.
  • You can extend learning by applying skills to new situations.
  • You will improve your critical thinking ability.
  • You can integrate learning by applying multiple concepts to a single problem.
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